The Bible is Now on our Website

North Church has been blessed for many years by the presence of Reverend Herman Hartmann, who graces us by sharing his wisdom at our Bible studies, and sometimes shares a sermon from the pulpit.

Reverend Hartmann has created what he calls a private translation of the bible, working for several decades in languages like Ethiopic and Greek to translate the Bible into English from the oldest texts he could access.  His detailed technical footnotes indicate the depth of his understanding of the ancient texts.

With Reverend Hartmann’s permission–and patience–Jim Baker transferred the translation from old word processing files to PDFs so that the Bible could be shared with everyone.  Thanks to Nancy for agreeing to help make sure all the files are reassembled in the proper order.

There is a tab to access the translation at the top of our home page, and here’s the address for the page for sharing: