Mr Seemore Visits North Church

Hi – I’m Eric Williams, senior pastor of North Church.  Mister Seemore is someone I created out of my imagination because I am curious about what people experience when they visit North Church.

While I pretend to be Mister Seemore, his personal qualities are all my own – that is, beneath the surface of my professional role and social skills lie his values, beliefs, fears and hopes.  His desire to see more of life is simple and straight forward, and his style of engaging people is direct and sometimes humorous.

I hope you enjoy Mister Seemore’s visits to North Church – and if you’re curious and want to see more, you are always welcome to join in!

January 8, 2017:  Mister Seemore visits North Church for the first time.

Mister Seemore interrupts worship just as everyone is ready to share the peace of Christ – a way of welcoming each other to worship.  He talks with John, the worship leader, and learns some interesting things about North Church.  He decides that people here are happy and friendly – maybe just a little too friendly for him that day – too much too soon. Mister Seemore abruptly leaves, but promises to come back soon to see more.

What would you like to see more of when you worship at church?  What would interest you? What would bring you back for a second visit?  Please leave a comment on our Youtube or Facebook page.