Bill Cohen’s Concert Celebrating Our True Blessings

An alternative to the Black Friday Buying Frenzy!

Friends. Freedom. Food. Music. Jobs. Parents. Children. Laughter. Emotions. And dozens of other things. We all have so much to be thankful for — everyday, not just Thanksgiving Day.  So join me as I sing a unique concert of songs that express gratitude for all that we have.

Friday November 24
7:30 to 9 p.m.
Maynard Avenue Methodist Church
2350 Indianola Ave,
Columbus, OH
Free parking will be available in the church lot and on nearby streets.

Playing piano and guitar, I’ll sing songs written by, made famous by, or inspired by, a wide variety of folks — John Denver, the Weavers, Phil Ochs, Louis Armstrong, Don McLean, the Beatles, and others. Even Johnny Appleseed, Jiminy Cricket, and the “old ladies” on the TV show, “Golden Girls.”

On several songs, Ann Fisher will add beautiful flute accompaniment, David Maywhoor will add the beat on percussion, and two surprise singers will add vocal harmonies.

Besides the music, we’ll hear some thoughtful quotes, reminding us of our many many blessings on Planet Earth. No sermons here but words of inspiration and emotion from sources as varied as Albert Schweitzer, Rod Serling, Gandhi, Einstein, and Buddha.

We’ll be asking for $10 per person donations at the door. Proceeds will go to help my wife Randi make her annual winter trek to the Dominican Republic. That’s where she serve as a volunteer translator for the International Medical Alliance of Tennessee, a team of doctors and nurses who provide free basic medical care to impoverished Haitian workers who live and work just inside the D.R. border.

For many, Thanksgiving is a day to gorge on food, and the next day is a day to splurge on buying material goods. Let’s make this holiday more meaningful by celebrating our true blessings, giving heartfelt thanks for them, and taking action to make this a better world.