Christian Education

Christian Education classes for adults are held at 9:15 A.M. each Sunday from September through May.  Childcare is available for small children, and older children are invited to use educational software in the supervised computer lab while their parents attend class.

Sunday School classes are offered to children during the 10:30 service.  The pastor will call the children to the front of the church for a brief ”time with the children” reflection, and then the children can go to Sunday School by age group before the “grown-up” sermon starts.  During the Summer, Sunday School is offered to preschoolers only.

Possibly the best description of how our children experience their life at North was expressed by 12 year old Claire Green-Lauber at the end of a Sunday School lesson about how and why we affirm our Transgendered brothers and sisters.  She said, “It is a comfort to me to know that when I go to college or move away, no matter what I face in life, I can always come back to North Church and people will love me, accept me and treat me right.”  Her quote was made into a large poster which hangs in the church.  A smaller version of the poster is presented to every teen as they graduate from high school.